Discussing the impact of climate change, technological development and the future of work in the context of migration.

On Wednesday our moderator Sumi Somaskanda welcomed about 400 participants to the 2nd main day of the IMCB22. Our Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr Johan Rockström, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, introduced the day’s themes and focused particularly on the impact of climate change on migration.

After this, the first plenary of the day elaborated how technology and digitalisation could function as tools to change migration and had a deeper look at the theme 'Technological development and the future of work'. The subsequent plenary discussed the connections between effects of climate change and global migration processes.

The afternoon was again characterised by 24 workshops that dealt with the topics of the day in more depth.

In the evening, the conference participants came together in the Futurium to talk and network. In addition, exhibitionsengaged with how we want to live together in the future.

Keynote of Prof. Dr Johan Rockström & Plenary: New Technologies Shaping Working Lives and the Future of Migration

Plenary: Climate Change and Migration

Symposium: The future of cities and migration: inclusion of precarious migrants and refugees