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Michael van der Cammen

Michael van der Cammen

Director of international relations of the BA

Federal Employment Agency (BA)

Michael van der Cammen

Michael van der Cammen is the director of international relations, responsible for the division dealing with migration, recognition of certificates, labour market admission, and international counselling and placement. The implementation of the latest immigration act and the development of approaches to improve labour market participation of foreign skilled workers are part of his key activities. Until 2019 Michael headed the migration and refugees area in the German PES. His long-standing career with the agency has also included IT projects and key reform projects, centralising public tenders in the field of active labour market policy measures from the local employment offices to the head office.

Programme speaker

02:00 p.m. CEST
05:00 p.m. CEST

2nd CANADA-GERMANY SYMPOSIUM 2022 – Migration in the Current Global Context

This event will provide the opportunity for both countries to discuss immigration, integration and the labour force. This interchange aims to identify avenues for further policy development through the exchange of policy expertise and best practices, while underscoring the role of civil society and academia.

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