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Pre-conference process (PCP)

About the PCP

The pre-conference process (PCP) which started in December 2021 is part of the preparations for the 25th International Metropolis Conference 2022 in Berlin.


How the PCP works

The pre-conference process is being implemented with the help of one of the what are known as pre-working groups (PWGs) on each of the four key themes of the conference. The PWGs began their work in December 2021 and will be meeting in virtual sessions for discussions and active exchange of ideas during the coming months. Interim results will be published on the IMCB22 home page as well as via our social media channels. The work of the PWGs is to be understood as a dynamic process that can be organised according to the ideas and possibilities of the participants. In order to meet the goal of a continuous transfer of knowledge and experience between the recurring conferences, each PWG is currently planning and implementing at least two webinars with reference to the respective key theme in the run-up to the conference. The webinars will be announced on our website and are open to all interested parties.

Pre-working groups 2 and 3 are being implemented as part of a networking project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and will continue their work beyond the date of the conference till May 2023.

Pre-working groups 1–4

The pre-working groups are composed of seven to ten members and may be complemented by further interested persons or webinar presenters.

Find out more about the groups and their members via the following links:

Goals of the PCP

The PCP aims at launching an exchange of knowledge and experience among well-known academics and experts from the fields of policymaking, business and civil society to make a solid contribution to the prepar­­ation of the conference contents. We aim to feed the work results into the conference and identify possible outputs or recommendations for action.

Furthermore, we want to establish a continuous transfer of knowledge and experience between the recurring conferences within Metropolis International and between institutions, experts and academics working in the field of migration and integration outside the network.

The pre-conference process aims to raise Metropolis International’s profile and increase public awareness and visibility of the conference while encouraging participation.

The PCP improves the ability of the actors involved in the process to network internationally or to extend existing networks so that they can last beyond the conference and be used for subsequent International Metropolis Conferences.


Are you interested in participating in the PCP and engaging with the community? If so, contact us at !