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Call for Proposals

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Metropolis International invite the submission of proposals for workshops, individual papers and posters for the 25th International Metropolis Conference 2022, taking place in Berlin from 4 to 9 September.

Submitting proposals for workshops, individual papers and posters

We welcome submissions in all areas of migration, mobility and its governance around the world, integration & inclusion, as well as population diversity. Proposals that address the conference themes are especially welcome. So are those that approach migration, integration & inclusion, and diversity from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective.

General requirements for proposals

  • All proposals must be submitted in English.
  • All submissions must use the online template provided.
  • Submission provides consent to the publication of the abstract on the conference website and in any conference proceedings.
  • Abstracts must be free of typographical and grammatical errors.
  • Standard abbreviations may be used for common terms only. Otherwise, any abbreviation should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word. Abbreviations may be used in the title, provided the name appears in full in the body of the abstract.
  • It is the responsibility of the author(s) to ensure that details of the title, names, and affiliations are correct and exactly as they should be published in all conference materials.
  • All speakers/presenters and author(s) must purchase a conference ticket in order to ensure inclusion of abstract(s) in the final programme and conference participation (the decision to include a poster in the program remains unaffected by the ticket purchase).

To submit a proposal, it may be useful to consider the four main conference themes:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on migration and mobility

  • Technological development and the future of work

  • Climate change – impact on migration

  • Conditions for fair migration

  • Other topics

All information for download

Here you can download all information on the Call for Proposals.

To the download (pdf, 1.1 MB)

Deadline for submitting a workshop:
30 April 2022

Author notified of decision:
15 June 2022

Applications can be processed or changed until
30 April 2022

General requirements:

The conference workshops are a key forum for knowledge exchange and mobilisation across sectors, disciplines and borders.

Format possibilities: panel discussions, round tables or other interactive formats that allow ample opportunity for discussions and debate. We encourage the use of modern involvement-oriented formats such as Open Space Technology, world café, Warp Conference, fishbowl or PechaKucha.

Duration: 90 minutes per session.

Speakers: usually a max. of 4 speakers (10–15 min. each) from a variety of sectors (e. g.NGOs, academia, policy, community) and different countries. A higher number of speakers is not encouraged, unless they are part of a panel with shorter presentations.

Moderator/convener: workshop proposals should identify a convener (usually the workshop organiser) who will be responsible for coordinating the workshop and for securing at least 30 min. of discussions per session.

Workshop rooms equipment: workshop rooms will be equipped with a laptop, microphone, screen and beamer.

Basic criteria:

  • Cross-sectoral participation – at least two of these sectors must be represented: policy, research, civil society, business; and
  • Multiple geographic representation – active speaker participation from more than one country.

Specifically for workshops:

  • Abstract submission includes:
    • Name of the author(s); organiser and country/countries they associate with
    • Institutional affiliation(s) & sector of presentation of each presenter; organiser (e. g. research, policy, civil society, NGOs or business)
    • Title of presentation
    • Type of presentation (workshop, individual paper, multimedia/research poster)
    • Standard description of presentation content, including policy and practice implications: max. 1,500 characters, including spaces
    • Compressed description of presentation: max. 350 characters, including spaces
    • Submissions can be made individually or co-authored
    • Abstracts to be submitted in PDF format
    • Tables and graphics should not be included

Deadline for submitting an individual paper:
30 April 2022

Author notified of decision:
by the end of June 2022

Applications can be processed or changed until
30 April 2022

Specifically for individual paper presentations

Individual presentations accepted in the programme will be included in workshops with similarly themed presentations. The organisers endeavor to integrate individual papers into workshops, but no guarantee can be given that all papers will be accepted.

Your presentation should be brief, max. 10–15 minutes.

Deadline for submitting a poster:
30 April 2022

Author notified of decision:
15 June 2022

Applications can be processed or changed until
30 April 2022

Specifically for posters

A poster should be comprehensive enough for different viewers to understand the big picture of the topic at hand while reading at their own leisure. The author should be prepared to supplement, clarify or discuss particular points raised by conference participants. Remember that people from different sectors (NGOs, academia, policymaking, private industry) and with varying degrees of interest and experience may be viewing your poster at once. Therefore, you will want to make your points as complete, clear and brief as possible.

Selected posters will be displayed at the conference. You can send your poster in advance or bring it with you to the conference. From 15 June 2022 posters can be sent to the following address (with the reference IMCB):

Facts & Fiction, Borussiastr. 19, 12103 Berlin, Germany

  • Posters are to be A1 in size ­– approximately 841 mm long by 594 mm wide = 33.1 Å~ 23.4 inches.
  • The narrative should be minimised. Bulleted lists are a concise but effective way to convey a series of points.
  • Allow for distance when printing and planning layouts.
  • Type should be easily seen from a short distance.
  • Figures should also be easily seen from a distance. Use clear graphics and large type to accomplish this. The main points should be straightforward without extended viewing, but details should be readily available for those who might wish to discuss.
  • Prepare a banner for the top of the poster indicating the title, author and affiliation.

Selection criteria

An Adjudication Committee will meet to review the session proposals after the submission deadline. The Adjudication Committee will consider proposals that include a title, abstract and summary as well as a list of confirmed speakers.


For any questions, please send an email to the 25th International Metropolis Conference 2022 Organising Team at !

We look forward to receiving your proposals and to welcoming you to the 25th International Metropolis Conference 2022.