Cut down forest on the left side, prospering forest on the right

Pre-working group 3

“Climate change – impact on migration”

This pre-working group is discussing the implications of global climate changes related to internal and international migration. Mobility patterns are changing and environmental change is intertwined with new coping strategies. How does climate change influence migration decisions, migration trajectories, humanitarian needs and political options? What is the changing role of cities?

Coordination and supervision, pre-working group “Climate change – impact on migration”

Prof. Dr Felicitas Hillmann

FIS-networking unit at TU Berlin, Institute of Urban and Regional Planning

Affiliates of the pre-working group “Climate change – impact on migration”

Research brief: “Climate change – impact on migration”

Research brief on salient issues and approaches concerning the nexus between climate change and migration. An accessible version of the document will be made available.

To the download (pdf, 828 KB)