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New technologies, migration and the future of work



This webinar concentrates on the ways new technologies shape the future of work, especially so in sectors that depend on migrant work.

Increasingly platforms, digital tools of recruitment coordinate and direct workers. Social media and mobile commons structure information and change routines as well as practices not only of migrant workers, but also for segments that rely on international exchange. Automatic decision making, based on algorithms, increasingly shape matching mechanisms that integrate migrants into specific segments of the labour market. On a global scale, platformisation allows companies to ‘employ’ a flexible, yet precarious workforce for instance within the service industry such as food and groceries delivering, cleaning and waiter services. Also, on a seemingly individual or local scale international students increasingly are making use of digital sources and of open access media, preparing for a more digital working life. Our webinar focusses on such tendencies of restructuring. It gives an insight into the relationship between the new technologies, the future of work and migration. We present insights into different segments of the labour market.

You could not attend the webinar? Then you can watch a recording of the event on the NUPS – Networking Unit Paradigm Shift YouTube channel.