Cut down forest on the left side, prospering forest on the right

The melting of the iceberg: a glocal approach of micro-interventions



Research on climate change and migration tends to focus on local responses to rapid-onset events. In contrast, the aim of our webinar is to shed light on more complex situations of slow onset changes, and where we consider, through the metaphor of "the iceberg is melting", how these are embedded into an extractive economic logic. The focus will be on migration as an adaptation strategy in situ and as part of micro-interventions in reaction of environmental degradation. Regional examples are migration as livelihood strategy in Mexico, the exploitation and destruction of natural resources, and remittances and risk reduction. We argue that there are nested political economies at work and that a glocal perspective will be key for a better understanding and concrete actions in terms of environmental change and migration.

You could not attend the webinar? Then you can watch a recording of the event on the NUPS – Networking Unit Paradigm Shift YouTube channel.