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Monica Goracci

Monica Goracci

Director of the Department of Programme Support & Migration Management of IOM

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Monica Goracci

Monica Goracci has been Director of the Department of Programme Support & Migration Management of IOM in Geneva since July 2020.

Prior to that appointment, she had been Chief of Mission of IOM in Germany for almost four years after having headed the Donor Relations Division at the IOM Headquarters in Geneva for six years.

She joined IOM in 1999 in Kosovo after having worked for almost three years in the WHO Headquarters in the Division of Violence and Injury Prevention. In 2002 she moved to Rome first working on an EU-funded integration project and subsequently took over the functions of Regional Programme Development Officer covering the Mediterranean. She also undertook several missions to the Balkans during the time in Rome.

In December 2004 she moved to Portugal where she served as Chief of Mission for IOM until 2010.

She holds a university degree in Neurological and Psychomotor Rehabilitation in Children from the Sapienza Università di Roma and has worked in hospitals in Italy and in Ethiopia prior to joining the WHO in 1996.

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