View from above of the Berlin Congress Center

International Metropolis Conference Berlin 2022 themes

The impact of multiple crises on migration and mobility, along with technological developments and the future of work, climate change and the implications for migration, and the conditions which are essential for fair migration, will be the key themes at the 25th International Metropolis Conference. From 4 to 9 September 2022, experts, policymakers, researchers, practitioners, and business leaders will bring together multiple perspectives, insights and evidence concerning migration, integration, inclusion, and diversity.

The goal is to facilitate knowledge exchange on how such processes can be made resilient and future-proof, including a focus on labour market, and to consider the conditions that will ensure fair migration.

The larger aim is to generate cross-sectoral discussions and insights that will help participants in making decisions, support them in their day-to-day work, and empower societies in dealing with migration and its consequences.

The conference will take place as an in-person event in the heart of Berlin, provided that the situation allows for this. The venue is  bcc Berlin Congress Center located right next to Alexanderplatz.

Tuesday, 6/9/2022: Impact of multiple crises on migration and mobility

Multiple international crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or armed conflicts, having a long-term effect on mobility and migration; around the world, they are bringing a variety of political and social challenges with them. Profound structural changes of the type and direction of present migration flows are affecting not only migrant workers and international students, but also refugees and those who have been displaced internally. What do these developments mean for managing migration and mobility in the future?

Wednesday, 7/9/2022: Technological development and the future of work

Technological and digital developments are currently fundamentally changing the world of work. This will have an impact on future ways of working, labour mobility and migration. What will these look like in a transformed world of work?

Wednesday, 7/9/2022: Climate change – impact on migration

The effects of global warming on society can already be felt – and they will become more noticeable in future. That will also have an influence on global migration processes. How are climate change and migration connected? Discussions will consider migration decisions, migration paths, humanitarian needs and political options.

Thursday, 8/9/2022: Conditions for fair migration

Shaping migration in a way that gives equal consideration to the interests of all migrants, countries of origin, transit and destination remains a huge challenge. What constitutes fair and just conditions for migration in the working world of tomorrow seen from different perspectives?

Friday, 9/9/2022: High-level forum & wrap-up

On the last day of the conference, there will be a high-level forum and a wrap-up.