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Virginia Wangare Greiner

Virginia Wangare Greiner

Founder of Maisha e. V.

Maisha e. V.

Virginia Wangare Greiner

Virginia Wangare Greiner is the founder of Maisha e. V., an African Women Organisation and psychosocial centre in Frankfurt. Virginia’s work in Maisha centres on offering health counselling for African Women and their families, as well as promoting equal treatment and equal rights, ensuring attention to the specific needs of migrant women, enhancing the integration of migrant women, and the overall health of undocumented migrant women. Virginia’s advocacy work centres on influencing social policies and action programmes addressing migrant women, both at national and EU level, and she has been the recipient of the Elisabeth Norgall International Award.

Programme speaker

02:00 p.m. CEST
04:30 p.m. CEST

The future of cities and migration: inclusion of precarious migrants and refugees

This symposium explores the role of cities in the governance of migration, focusing on their key function related to the social inclusion, political participation, and labour market integration of precarious migrants and refugees.

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